NIMBUS ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT , DEHRADUN निंबस एकेडमी ऑफ मैनेजमेंट,देहरादून



Oldest management institute in Dehradun.

Locational advantage-situated on the national highway.

State of the art infrastructure.

Lowest fee structure. & fully Wi-Fi campus.

Highly qualified, experienced faculty.

Highly professional team of PDP trainers.

Well stocked library with latest books, Journals, Periodical, Magazine. . etc.

Excellent placement record.

Huge land area with finest play ground for overall development of the students. & Hostel facility for outstation students.

Cricket ground with all the required facilities.

Indoor net practice

Separate practice net both turf and cemented.

Smart class room with modern facilities.

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  • Rules and consequences in a typical undergraduate academic large, a student will take about 40 different classes across three years. For each class, there will be a syllabus full of rules, rules that are specific to that class, in fact. And there is usually a student handbook full of all kinds of other rules. In college, students learn to quickly learn the rules and to follow them, as there are always consequences for failing to follow the rules. For these reasons, we can think of all Students as people who have had a strong first-hand education in learning about how to play the game and follow the rules.
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  • Diverse ideas in a good college experience, you will be exposed to all kinds of ideas, and you will often run into situations in which ideas don’t line up with one another. And you will run into situations in which one really-smart-seeming professor fully disagrees with the ideas of some other really-smart-seeming professor. Good. This should be part of the deal! Learning how to work with a variety of ideas is a major goal of any college education, and I promise that you will find ideological diversity to be a major part of the world after college degree.
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  • Become a writer Your college experience will come with a lot of writing. Students should embrace this fact. No matter how smart you are at 18 years old, I guarantee that you have worked to do on your writing—that’s just how it is. Writing assignments in college are designed to get students to advance as writers, developing skills associated with presenting information in an engaging and cogent manner for all kinds of audiences. And strong writers are, simply, invaluable.
  • Public speaking your collegiate experience will most likely include some public speaking opportunities. Embrace these opportunities! When you grow up, you’ll need this skill! No matter what your job ends up being, you’ll need to communicate ideas to other people. You’ll need to speak to others. You’ll be giving reports on your work. You might find yourself trying to convince some client to buy your product. You might find yourself trying to convince the school board to hire another art teacher. You might find yourself presenting your research at a conference. The education that you will receive in public speaking is absolutely critical for your future.
  • Giving back to the community throughout one’s college career, there are many opportunities to give back to the community. You might be part of an honors program that includes a community-service element. You might have a class that includes an assignment related to community service. You might be in a student club or chefne that includes community service in its mission. College is full of opportunities to volunteer time and give back to the community. And let me say that from my perspective as a grownup in today’s world, I can confidently say that we need people with this mentality and with these skills now more than ever!
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