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Chairman’s Message

Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world The present day corporate sectors are looking worldwide for an entirely new class of professionals who can make a balance between science and the art of Management Technology. These professionals at the same time should also be capable of withstanding moral challenges posed by traditions and practices at all levels. In the spirit of this paradox, we at Nimbus are involved in promoting and spreading high quality education in diverse areas of management science for benefit of the business world.

Effort is, therefore, being made by Nimbus to impart knowledge and skill among students by way of rigorous teaching methodology such as project management, quantitative techniques, computer application and various other modern teaching aids. With all the necessary infrastructural facilities along with learned faculties, Nimbus embodies a crucial link between the Knowledge and application, the intellect and pragmatism in the light of current business challenges.

I am confident that the students at Nimbus shall be able to learn the subject from a broad managerial perspective with more analytical approach and will imbibe in themselves a high sense of social and moral responsibility. Wishing every one satisfaction and success in all their endeavours.

God spede!

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Tiwari