The mission of NAM is to create leaders, winners, and achievers in this global neo world: leaders who inspire a vision, winners who set positive paradigms of action, and achievers who have the will and strength to make a small difference to the large cause of humanity. NAM is committed to raising standards of higher education in India by implementing the following modules:

  • Enabling students to be active in their learning and also training them to work in groups and teams. A study of projects based on real-life problems is assigned to the students during their course of study in order to develop their analytical skills.
  • Providing students with the best professional career prospects and equipping them to become effective business managers/professionals.
  • developing professional competence by maintaining contacts within their relevant chosen field of specialization.


To provide a stimulating learning environment with a technological orientation that encompasses the entire curriculum, maximizing individual potential and ensuring that students of all levels are well-equipped to meet the challenges of professional competence.